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BondKap is being
installed in schools
all across the
United States
It is the preferred
attachment  for
low frame to glass




International Window
   Film Association


We are now supplying BondKap for school hardening all across the USA.
BondKap is the best option for low frame to glass installations

We are proud to be specified as security film attachment  for many schools across the country as well as Sea-Tac airport.
12 years and still at it!
We are launching the Installer Certification Program. We will have a list of Certified BondKap / Wet Glaze professionals posted on our web site.
Contact us to be certified in
commercial and residential applications.
New size BK 2004 now 144" long. For installations with longer windows and now with three lengths, 144", 120" and 96" even more choices to reduce waste. 
Colorado School district installs security film and chooses BondKap for the attachment system.
The largest BondKap installation to date. Security film and BondKap installed on every piece of glass at the Phoenix, AZ, Sky Harbor, International Airport.
Momentive Performance Materials, a GE company, has partnered with FilmFastener to offer amazing pricing. Contact us for details
Momentive conducted a test of silicone with and without BondKap.
There is as much as a 45% increase in the holding strength of the silicone with BondKap !
See the test report
Update to the "BondKap Options" page to better illustrate which BondKap can be used for different applications.
We added clickable perspective drawings and clickable side view technical drawings.
Independent Testing was done
Architectural Testing Labs


Static Air Pressure, ASTM E 330-02
Level C Impact Test, ASTM E 1996-05
Cyclic Pressure Differential, ASTM E 1886-02

The test specimens were standard 3' patio doors with 3/16" tempered glass and 8 mil security film applied. The BondKap attachment had BK 2002 on the top and bottom and BK 2003 on the sides with Dow 995 white as the sealant of choice.
The first launch of the 2x4 set to the ASTM limit failed to break the glass. The cannon was reset to a much higher pressure to assure the glass would break. The glass broke with a small hole in the film to make it interesting.
Next came the cyclic test which pushed the assembly to its limits. Other than pieces of tempered glass falling from the film and the metal frame getting fatigue fractures the integrity of the assembly and attachment remained intact! 
The BondKap attachment did not chafe or cut into the film in any way!
see the video
read the report


the patio door installation video is up for your viewing pleasure.

There is a high resolution and low resolution video on the training page

One Sarasota Tower is completed
21,000 feet of BondKap installed by G. C. S. of Tampa, FL. Window film magazine has a great write up on the project and the use of BondKap.
Click to Read the caption on BondKap!


The BK2004 installation video is complete and ready for your viewing pleasure on the Training & Demos page!



The corner caps are in stock!

The new corners will reduce the need for perfect mitered cuts in the corners and speed up the installation

(click for larger image)

BondKap BK 2004, white and black, has arrived!
The new profile is designed for 1/2" coverage on the film and window frame. This profile meets the hurricane  and anti intrusion attachment specifications.


Josh Taylor at Tint Crafters of Arizona installed 8 mil security film and used Dow Corning 995 with part number BK 2001 of the BondKap™ system. One week after the installation a truck had backed through one of the windows.

     (click for larger image)

 Even though the truck penetrated the glass and film the BondKap™ and silicone did not release.


The Largo Medical Center requested a solar security film installation with attachment. The installation was performed by Solar Graphics of Clearwater, FL using the BondKap™ anchoring system.


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