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BondKap is being
installed in schools
all across the
United States
It is the preferred
attachment  for
low frame to glass




International Window
   Film Association


  To place an order or if you would like more information please call
  813.926-8721    Toll Free  888.212-9375
  or Fax 888.288-8044

  or contact us by email sales@filmfastener.com

  or use the contact form below

  Why can't I order online?

  There are so many variables with shipping that it does not lend itself
   to online orders.

  We offer a free cut down service to help offset the cost of shipping.
  The longer a package the more it costs to ship.

  FedEx and UPS have changed the oversize limits for shipping.
  An average container under 95" ships for around $55
  An average container from 96" to 106" ships for around $180
  An average container from 107" to 118"(max) ships for around $340



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